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Commercial rates apply for fee-charging or selling activities (unless for fund-raising). If users feel that their bookings are for non-commercial activities, and therefore qualify for lower rates, please contact us. Please view details of our conditions of hire using the Essential Documents link at the bottom of the page.

Commercial hirers must pay for a minimum of 8 hours for weekend bookings.

All bookings are for a minimum of 90 minutes and can be made in 30 minute 'slots'.

Commercial hirers wishing to use rooms on consecutive days and store goods overnight please contact us for security keys overnight. There is no additional cost for hours reserved for overnight storage.

Cancellation of  bookings 7 days or less before the event date will incur a full charge and between 8-28 days before the event date will incur a 50% charge.

Users who hire the whole hall receive a discounted rate (approximately 25% below the total cost of the 3 individual rooms).

Current hourly rates:-

Commercial Users

Day of week Price range
Weekdays (8am - 6pm) 9.50 ph - 12.00 ph
Weekdays (6pm - 10pm) 8.00 ph - 15.00 ph
Weekends (8am – 10pm) 10.50 ph - 18.00 ph

Non-commercial Users

Day of week Price range
Weekdays (8am - 6pm) 7.50 ph - 8.50 ph
Weekdays (6pm - 10pm) 7.50 ph - 11.00 ph
Weekends (8am – 6pm) 8.50 ph - 12.50 ph
Weekends (6pm – 10pm) 6.50 ph - 10.00 ph
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